At BROOD, we were the first to recognize that nitro isn’t just a fleeting trend—it’s a catalyst to completely transform your business. We set out to develop intuitive and smart ice-cold nitro dispensing technology that would revolutionize how people consume their favorite drinks. Over the last decade, we developed and trialed hundreds of prototype iterations before finalizing our breakthrough patent-pending technology.

State-of-the-art nitro dispensing technology

BROOD was first in the market to patent a tankless nitro infusion system, and that vision has solidified us as the frontrunner of nitro technology. We don’t simply see BROOD as equipment—it represents opportunity.
Opportunity to diversify your menu, expand your business, skyrocket revenue, and delight customers over and over again. This innovation completely changed how businesses use nitro and continues to be the foundation of our mission today.

Brood Core Competencies

We’re more than a nitro equipment company. BROOD is a technologically advanced 360°solution that drives every aspect of your beverage business:


BROOD is the largest stockholder of compressors in the industry—we keep over 5,000 compressors on-hand at any given time. We vacuum the compressors, develop refrigerants, and construct the entire cooling circuit ourselves, a testament to our in-depth knowledge of advanced cooling technology.

Infusion (Nitrogen and CO2)

Our proprietary one-of-a-kind nitro infusion technology is the foundation of everything we do. BROOD can infuse any beverage—not just cold brew coffee—whether it’s nitrogen or sparkling, the beverage opportunities are endless.


We’ve equipped every BROOD with a dial to easily switch between nitro infusion and still, offering the ability to serve up more drink options than ever before.


We have years of experience designing and building filtration systems, including our original ECO Filter. We deeply understand the filtration parameters required to deliver a superior nitro-infused beverage that’s free from any traces of sediment, and we’ve optimized our systems to filter cold brew down to a very fine level of 1 micron.

Pre-mixes and syrups

We formulated our own curated collection of pre-mixes and syrups with the freshest ingredients to take your BROOD beverages to the next level. Every unique recipe has been personally tested by our in-house team for taste, consistency, and nitro-infusion compatibility to bring you unparalleled quality and flavor.

Complete menu and recipe development

From developing a signature recipe for your brand to completely overhauling your beverage menu, we go beyond equipment and provide you with the tools and specialized knowledge to expand your business.

In-house mixologist

Our highly experienced in-house mixologist trials thousands of recipes with BROOD and is always available to our customers for consultations and menu development.

Handcrafted in Canada

BROOD is engineered in our state-of-the-art design labs and manufacturing facilities inOntario, Canada. From sourcing top-of-the-line materials from local tradesmen to custom hardware from world-class fabricators exclusively in North America, we hand-select each component with painstaking attention to detail. Every BROOD undergoes rigorous quality testing, and we maintain a hands-on approach at every step of production—an everlasting testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

Empowering the local economy

From conceptual design to final assembly, we’re the only fully vertically integrated factory nitro equipment company in the world to keep every stage of production here in North America. We proudly partner with leading Canadian organizations such as Tech-Access Canada and Export Development Canada and receive valuable mentorship from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to ensure our business operates at the highest standards of excellence while always supporting our local economy.