Deepening community involvement through beverage innovation at a bustling church café.

Key Metrics

1 Church Install
5,000+ Drinks Served

Performance Objective

The owner of a bustling Honduras church café wanted to introduce nitro cold brew while giving back to his community.

The Challenge

Steven Jones, a pastor and church owner in Honduras, set out to discover unique ways to strengthen the sense of community within his congregation. What better way to bring people together than over a cup of coffee? While standard coffee pours already had the café bustling, he wanted to dig deeper by offering the latest innovations in coffee products: nitro cold brew.

With minimal access to coffee shop talent and lacking infrastructure in Honduras, Mr. Jones knew he needed a nitro machine that was easy to use and maintain and could consistently pour nitro cold brews to his community.

Solution & Results

BROOD strives to make innovative beverages accessible and streamlined for everyone. Partnering with Mr. Jones to install, implement, and deliver the vision he had for his church café was a perfect match. He opened the café after a three-days often open and found a whirlwind of success.

Nitro was a major bestseller and the easiest and quickest drink to prepare and serve. All they had to do was pour in their ingredients, and at the pull of the tap, they were in business. BROOD machinery fits into unique spaces—even a church in Honduras.

With one church install, and over 5,000 drinks served, Mr. jones can look forward to making his community-building vision a reality—and BROOD is honored to be apart of it.


"It's been a whirlwind…we had our grand opening today…we have had nothing but LOVE for the draft latte! It's been such a HUGE hit! 30 shots of espresso, 1 gallon of milk, two cups of sweetener - SCORE! Thanks again for all your help! I'd like to get another one soon!"
— Steven K Jones | Pastor and Owner of 314Cafe & Church Honduras