Catapulting a nationwide coffee chain ahead of competitors via innovative menu updates and efficient implementation.

Key Metrics

52+ BROOD Machines Installed
105,000+ Drinks Served
1,000% Sales Increase

Performance Objective

A popular, leading brand in the coffee industry sought to implement a nation wide rollout of nitro beverages across 48 locations.

The Challenge

Bluestone Lane Coffee is an Australian-inspired coffee and lifestyle brand providing a daily escape through premium coffee and delicious, healthy eats. Through their Aussie-inspired approach, the brand aims to transform people's perceptions of coffee. Bluestone Lane prides itself on its expert coffee and knowledge and makes it its mission to enlighten America's palate.

While the brand remains a standout amongst its competitors, it wants to stand firm in its unique approach by offering one-of-a-kind menu options and special partnerships. As leaders in the coffee industry, Bluestone Lane persistently raises the bar to differentiate itself from other brands while also staying true to its originating mission of offering well-crafted espresso drinks from first-in-class beverage equipment.

Bluestone Lane partnered with Califia, another industry powerhouse serving non-dairy milk, creamers, and more, to develop a unique drink.

Bringing the partnership's drink idea to life required answers to several logistical questions:

·  How can we create a unique drink that blends the two company's products?

·  Once created, how can it efficiently land in 52 stores across the nation?

·   After installation, how can employees learn how to make and serve the drink without extensive training?

The clear solution was BROOD.

Solution & Results

Through extensive research and numerous trials, Bluestone Lane's in-house mixologists and beverage experts created a one-of-a-kind drink: the Oat Draught Latte featuring Califia Oat Milk. Dispensed via BROOD’s advanced nitro technology, the new menu item promptly rolled out across 48 stores thanks to seamless machine installation and drastically reduced training times.

Since the initial launch, 52 Bluestone Lane locations are equipped with BROOD machines, with over 105,000 drinks served. The Oat Draught Latte skyrocketed to the number one seller delivering a whopping 1,000% increase in week-to-week sales.


"The project has launched and it's been an overwhelming success."
— Andrew Stone | Vice President at Bluestone Lane Coffee