Driving fast service and accelerating sales at a commercial coffee chain.
Key Metrics

3 BROOD Installations
3 Locations
50,000+ Drinks Poured

Performance Objective

DailyGrind is a high-traffic, retail coffee chain offering in-demand drive-through availability. With increased demand, the high traffic location needed a high-performance beverage dispensing solution to keep up.

The Challenge

As drive-through lines at the Daily Grind delivered the coffee company a non stop customer flow, management and staff noticed a frequent customer request: nitro cold brew and nitro chai. Wanting to continue building their drive-through traffic, Daily Grind needed to seek an efficient way to pour nitro beverages that maintained quick service times inherent to the drive-through business.

As the brand investigated available options, another serving dilemma arose. Some drive-through locations didn't have any space to maneuver bulky dispensing options, which meant they were left without nitro menu offerings. Therefore, some locations were meeting customer requests, while others weren't—not a great outcome when striving for consistency across each individual establishment.

Toffee powerhouse turned to BROOD to install a solution that kept lines short, offered high-quality products, and met customer demand.

Solution & Results

BROOD sprang to action and helped Daily Grind install three nitro machines in three locations. Due to BROOD's compact footprint and efficient, user-friendly nitro machinery, employees could maneuver the close quarters of the takeout window and quickly pick up on how to serve nitro beverages.

Once Daily Grind started pouring nitro cold brew and nitro chai via BROOD's dispensing system, they saw a swift increase in nitro sales. This increase was six times more than what they were delivering—they served more than 50,000 drinks. And the numbers continue to climb.

The quick pour time of BROOD nitro dispensers means faster-moving lines, menu consistency, and happy customers across all Daily Grind establishments.