Accelerating revenue and soaring creativity at a charming greenhouse café.
Key Metrics

1 Greenhouse Install
1 New Coffee Program (or 20 new beverages added to menu)
Drinks in 1st 10 Days
Drinks Served

Performance Objective

Joplin Greenhouse is a bustling conservatory, growing various plants and greenery—however, they are far more than a standard retail hothouse. The garden center also features a charming coffee shop connected to their acres-long stretch of farming land. With increasing coffee demand, the business needed to move beyond costly, high-maintenance keg systems. They set out to find better solutions for serving its increasing customer base of caffeine-loving plant aficionados.

The Challenge

Joplin Greenhouse & Café met a pleasant yet challenging surprise when they noticed a swift uptick in their coffee shop business. This growth blew past their expectations, and the need for expanded menu offerings became apparent. The demand was not only for typical espresso-based drinks, but also new menu options with teas, nitro infusions, and more.

Their first move was to install a kegerator to increase nitro availability. But as many purveyors come to experience, the keg system delivered constant malfunctions and costly nitrogen tank refills. The greenhouse had to refill their tanks at least twice a week, deeming their nitro brew menu completely unreliable.

The Joplin team shifted toward more innovative solutions and landed upon BROOD—the dependable, consistent, flexible, and efficient system they needed.

Solutions & Results

After the swift installation of BROOD, Joplin Greenhouse & Café saw the creative floodgates open right in front of their eyes. Their café created an entirely new menu around their nitro cold brew offerings by installing BROOD machines. The staff felt motivated as their creativity was encouraged, leading to cleverly named, one-of-a-kind creations that kept customers coming back for more.

With increased customer and employee satisfaction, the Joplin team saw next-level expansion in their demand and revenue. Within their first ten days of using BROOD, the café served over 600 new coffee drinks—far surpassing previous numbers. All it took was one BROOD installation, and ever since, they've poured 30,000 nitro brews and happily continue to watch those numbers rise.


"Thanks so much for your help. We and our customers are loving the Nitro drinks from your machine. We have had the menu up for 10 days now and sold over 600 Nitro drinks - we really appreciate how easy you have made this for us"
— Curt Carr | Owner of Joplin Greenhouse & Café