ECO Filter


There is no easier way to micro filter your Cold Brew coffee or tea!


Compact and easy to use, the ECO Filter is designed for ease of use in your cafe. Prop it up on a counter and filter up to 20 litres at a time!

It features a self-primed motorized pump with a built-in drip tray and a drainage tube. This ensures a clean operation.


Our filter pads will add a crystal-clear shine to all your cold brew beverages and filter down to 2 microns.


You'll get a longer shelf life for your cold brew!


Every ECO Filter comes with all the accessories you need in our starter kit. This includes a pre-screen filter, tubing, and 3 sets of filter pads.

Use the pads to filter your cold brew down to 2 microns. These pads are designed for use with the ECO Filter. It is the most easy-to-use method of ultra filtration.

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