ECO Filter


There is no easier way to micro filter your Cold Brew coffee or tea!


Compact and easy to use, the ECO Filter is designed for ease of use in your cafe. Prop it up on a counter and filter up to 20 litres at a time!

It features a self-primed motorized pump with a built-in drip tray and a drainage tube. This ensures a clean operation.


Our filter pads will add a crystal-clear shine to all your cold brew beverages and filter down to 2 microns.


You'll get a longer shelf life for your cold brew!


Every ECO Filter comes with all the accessories you need in our starter kit. This includes a pre-screen filter, tubing, and 3 sets of filter pads.

Use the pads to filter your cold brew down to 2 microns. These pads are designed for use with the ECO Filter. It is the most easy-to-use method of ultra filtration.



Have a look at our simple side by side experiment on the left. You'll notice that there is a light placed at the bottom of two glass cups each filled with cold brew coffee. This illustrates how reflective the light is in the coffee. If there are more coffee particles then the light is less reflective. The 'before' image is cold brew coffee served directly through your standard paper filter commonly used in cold brewing systems. The murkiness is due to floating coffee fines, around 30 microns in size. It is difficult to filter these coffee fines with a paper or mesh filter. The 'after' image is the same sample of cold brew coffee on the left but it has been filtered further with the BROOD ECO Filter. We've filtered it to just 2 microns. The light is a lot more reflective because the coffee is less murky. You're left with a more polished and better tasting coffee! The importance of filtration extends beyond presentation and taste. Filtration maintains consistency, stabilizes shelf life, and gives your product clarity. Providing this added layer of value has never been easier. Please get in touch with one of our representatives if you'd like to learn more.


Sweeter & Less Bitter A rich and smooth mosaic of flavors will be revealed once all the coffee fines have been removed from your Cold Brew. Longer Shelf Life Micro filtration stops the continued brewing of coffee fines in your Cold Brew even after it has been stored in your fridge. Consistency in Taste Your Cold Brew will taste the same way it tasted on day 1. Creamier Nitro Let nitrogen do it's magic without any interference from coffee particles or residue oils. Polished Look Marvel at the clarity of your Cold Brew, shine a light on it and watch it sparkle!


Use 1 set of 3 filter pads as demonstrated in the video below to filter 20 liters of your Cold Brew coffee. Watch this short instructional video to filter properly. Make sure to install the pre-filter adapter in the event your coffee or tea particles are larger than 50 microns. Filter your cold brew down to 2 microns easily, quickly, and consistently every time. After setting up your ECO Filter you can easily attach the tube to your DIY Brewy and hit the start button. Watch how 20 Liters of Cold Brew is filtered in less than 10 minutes (The video is accelerated for demonstration purposes).



Geoffrey, Q Arabica Grader, Mattina Coffee "I've been using the Eco Filter for the better part of a year now and I love how it transmits the flavors of the coffee bean and eliminates the bitterness." Jose, Seven Fortunes Roastery "I used to use a cold drip tower to make Cold Brew. Now I use a bulk brewer and I filter 20 litres in a matter of minutes. It has allowed us to bottle our Cold Brew and deliver it to our clients."


Q. I just received my ECO Filter, how do I set it up?
A. Please watch our instructional video, micro filtering your Cold Brew has never been easier.
Q. The drip tray is filling up very quickly. Is this normal?
A. If your drip tray fills up quickly it means that the metal plate isn’t tightened sufficiently. If your drip tray doesn’t drip at all it means that the filter pads might be cracked and the coffee is running through without being filtered. A Few drops into the drip tray every few seconds is ideal. Q. How many Litres can I filter with 1 set of filter pads?
A. One set of 3 filter pads is good for a 20L batch of Cold Brew coffee. However, it also depends on how filtered the coffee is to begin with. It is always best to strain the coffee first to remove all suspended solids. ECO Filters are designed as a 2nd filtration process to bring the coffee down to 2 microns which adds clarity, polish, and a more robust taste. Q. Coffee is spraying upwards from the filter pads, what does this mean?
A. This means either the filter pads have not been aligned correctly, or that they are completely blocked from coffee particles and need to be changed. Q. My drip tray is overflowing, what should I do?
A. Make sure the machine is elevated so the drip tray empties easily. You can either have the drip tray tube lead back into the unfiltered coffee or you can have it go to into a waste bottle. Q. Unfiltered Coffee is flowing into my Pre-Filter but not out of it, what should I do?
A. This means that your Pre-Filter is blocked and needs to be cleaned. Unscrew the top part of the filter and rinse it very well. Make sure to remove any content that is causing the blockage. Q. How deep should I drop the intake tube?
A. If you neglect to use the pre-screen filter then you run the risk of block the filter pads fairly quickly. In this scenario it is recommended to keep it at the surface and away from suspended solids that are falling to the base of the container. Move the intake tube down as the level of unfiltered coffee decreases. This way you can avoid intake of bigger particles which can block your filters. Every ECO Filter comes with a pre-screen filter. We strongly recommend using it.

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