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One Tap Nitro V2PX


Compact and versatile, the Nitro V2PX™ features:

  • no kegs

  • no fridge

  • no gas cylinders

  • no installations

It draws cold brew coffee from any container, keg, or bag in box; chills it to 2°C, and infuses it with nitrogen extracted from the air.

You can also pour nitro and still from the same tap.

No separate nitrogen tank is required. Within seconds you'll have velvety smooth Nitro Cold Brew in your hands!

  • Dispenses both nitro and still cold brew from the same tap

  • Extracts nitrogen from the air; no nitrogen tank necessary

  • Pulls from any container, kegs are only one option

  • Plug & play in 2 minutes

  • Consistency with every pour

  • Chills on demand to 2°C

  • Works with any drink

  • No need to deal with gas tanks or companies

  • Compact design; can be placed over or under the counter

  • Customizable colour, design and tap handle

  • Patent Pending

  • Certified to NSF 18


Add value to your business with the Nitro V2PX Pour Faster Pour a glass in seconds! Don't let your customers wait. Pour 120 drinks per hour. More Revenue Expand your menu by serving Cold Brew Beverages with a boost of Nitro. Check out our recipes. B2B Set up a unique B2B business with minimal CAPEX and little maintenance year round. Advertising Market Nitro Cold Brew as a healthy alternative. It doesn't need added milk or sugar. It's naturally creamy and perceptibly sweeter! Reliability Our cutting edge technology and build quality will make your operation simple and intuitive.


Watch Nitro and Still cold brew from the same tap: Watch our instructional video on how to operate the Nitro V2PX:




A Nitro V2PX™ is an easy way to boost your beverage sales. It's an exciting new way to serve coffee for your customers, especially non-coffee lovers who may find the taste of hot coffee bitter and harsh. Add homemade syrups, or better yet try infusing orange and cinnamon in your Cold Brew and taste how delicious it'll be when served on nitro! The Nitro V2PX™ makes Nitro Cold Brew fun and versatile, so get creative with your recipes and start pouring!
And for all you that have struggled with a traditional kegerator, we promise you that the Nitro V2PX™ eliminates all the hassle. Better yet, you get a consistent product at every pour and never a flat cup of nitro. Forget about your pressure regulator or switching your nitrogen tank. We all know how tedious that can be. You'll have more time to focus on your customers. This is what your menu could look like if you introduce Nitro Cold Brew drinks: Add value for your customers by introducing Nitro Cold Brew to your menu. You can pour a drink in less than 7 seconds with complete consistency. Better yet you can do it on demand, so no more queuing for your customers and no more wastage for you. Build your cold beverage menu with Nitro Cold Brew.


Nicos, Marriott Renaissance "I like that the Nitro V2PX doesn't need nitrogen tanks! It has taken the stress away from having to replace a nitrogen tank that has emptied mid-pour. I have peace of mind knowing that I am always going to get a cup of nitro when I pull the tap." Gladys, Jones the Grocer "I love cold coffee, and I love creating new mixes with it. I use a cold drip tower and whenever I've brewed several kilos it is really easy for me to pour it into a jug and connect it to the Nitro V2PX. I can start pouring immediately without any trouble or surprises. The machine has made my job easier and I can focus more on creating fun drinks for our customers."


Q. I just received my Nitro V2PX, how do I set it up? A. Please follow the instruction manual that comes with the Nitro V2PX. It is easy to set up! Q. Where do I put my cold brew coffee or tea? A. The Nitro V2PX can pull cold brew from any pressurized or non-pressurized container. The Nitro V2PX comes with a beverage tube that clips into the dispenser from underneath. The other end is loose so that an operator can drop it into any container. Alternatively, an operator can attach a keg coupler, bag-in-box adaptor, or an elbow fitting to the other end of the beverage tube in order to connect it to a keg, bag-in-box, or BROOD container respectively. Please watch our instructional video on our website. Q. I am not getting enough crema, what should I do? A. Firstly, pull the tap fully downward (90°) to trigger nitrogen infusion. Pulling it only a little bit will yield still cold brew only. Secondly, rotate the nitrogen dial by following the (+) sign to increase the amount of nitrogen. Thirdly, the pre-filter might be clogged and in need of cleaning. Check our troubleshooting section. Q. I am getting large bubbles in my nitro cold brew, what should I do? A. First, rotate the nitrogen dial in the control panel to decrease the amount of nitrogen infused into your beverage. Secondly, make sure all the tubes are pushed in firmly and there is no air seepage. Observe if there are any air bubbles flowing through the beverage tube. Air that seeps into the tubes will ultimately come out at the tap in the form of air bubbles. This will also happen if your beverage tube is sucking in air from a loose connection. Q. My beverage is not cold enough, how do I make it colder? A. Follow the instructions in section “Temperature Control” on page 6 to decrease the temperature. Q. The Nitro V2PX is not pouring cold brew, what should I do? A. There are several reasons why this may happen. All of them are easily remedied. Please follow our troubleshooting guide in this instruction manual. Q. When I pour many glasses of nitro cold brew continuously, the fourth one is sometimes slightly less chilled than the first one. Why is that? A. We recommend pouring for 45 seconds and then pausing for 15 seconds before every pour. This allows the cold brew inside the fridge to chill to your desired temperature. Q. The Nitro V2PX has a humming sound that comes and goes, why? A. This is the sound of the fridge compressor. When there is a humming sound this means that the fridge is cooling down to the pre-set temperature. When the sound stops this means that the compressor has also stopped as the desired temperature has been reached. Q. I have the fridge set at the coldest possible temperature, but the beverage is not cold enough, why is this? A. The variance between the cold Brew in your container and at the tap is 20°C. This means if your cold brew is 22°C (room temperature) then the nitro cold brew at the tap will be 2°C. Q. Do I need to keep a gap between the vents on the side and top of the Nitro V2PX and the nearest wall? A. Yes, just allow a 5 centimeter gap for the side vents and the top.


Please find our certifications in pdf format in the "Certifications" tab in the navigation bar above. They include: • CE-EMC • CE-LVD • UL 399 and CSA C22.2 • NSF 18 • PSE (Japan) • RSA (Australia)

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