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One Tap Nitro V2PX


Compact and versatile, the Nitro V2PX™ features:

  • no kegs

  • no fridge

  • no gas cylinders

  • no installations

It draws cold brew coffee from any container, keg, or bag in box; chills it to 2°C, and infuses it with nitrogen extracted from the air.

You can also pour nitro and still from the same tap.

No separate nitrogen tank is required. Within seconds you'll have velvety smooth Nitro Cold Brew in your hands!

  • Dispenses both nitro and still cold brew from the same tap

  • Extracts nitrogen from the air; no nitrogen tank necessary

  • Pulls from any container, kegs are only one option

  • Plug & play in 2 minutes

  • Consistency with every pour

  • Chills on demand to 2°C

  • Works with any drink

  • No need to deal with gas tanks or companies

  • Compact design; can be placed over or under the counter

  • Customizable colour, design and tap handle

  • Patent Pending

  • Certified to NSF 18

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