Craft Delicious Cocktails Without Ever Using a Cocktail Shaker Again It’s time to ditch the cocktail shaker. Make your time behind the bar better than ever with BROOD.

Open your cocktail shaker. Add ingredients. Scoop ice. Greet a guest, back to the drink. Shake and strain. Pour drink, process payment, back to the waiting guest. Take another order. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

The traditional way of mixing cocktails and mocktails in shaker tins is tedious and time-consuming—and customers don't like to wait. It's time for the service industry to step out of the old way of serving mixed drinks and into the new. Enter BROOD.

What is BROOD?

BROOD is a breakthrough nitro infusion system that empowers bartenders, mixologists, and baristas to craft incredible cocktails, mocktails, and bubbly libations at a speed you’ve never seen before.

Expertly engineered with advanced cooling technology, BROOD nitro machines flash chill any liquid (such as cold brew coffee or cocktail pre-mixes) and infuse it with atmospheric nitrogen for a consistently creamy, ice-cold pour. With BROOD, you'll impress your customers with ultra-fast service, delectable sweetness, and a long-lasting cascade of mesmerizing microbubbles in every cup.

BROOD uses bubbly nitrogen infusion instead of manual, rigorous shaking to perfectly blend every drink—no cocktail shakers required.

What Makes BROOD Better Than a Cocktail Shaker?

At the heart of hospitality is the guest. We all strive for busy nights with packed tables, every bar stool occupied, and the takeout register is buzzing. But with bustling nights comes increased work that pulls us away from the crucial time spent engaging with customers. And aren’t customers what keeps the business of entertaining flowing?

It’s time to ditch the outdated shaker tin and time-consuming keg-batched cocktails. BROOD’s patented nitro infusion technology eliminates the number of steps required for concocting cocktails in shaker tins and empowers you to craft perfectly mixed cocktails and mocktails with

·   Consistency
·   Speed
·   Ease

BROOD keeps service fast, guests returning, and revenue high by taking over the tedious work of creating delicious cocktails. Not only does BROOD free up more time to focus on the guest, but the proprietary nitro dispensing system is also versatile, easy to use, and consistent.


Cocktail-making trends are all about aesthetics and creating an Insta-worthy presentation. Give focus to structuring show stopping garnishes that draw the eye along with a flourish in your delivery and drive repeat orders all day.

BROOD’s nitro infusion tops every beverage with a thick, frothy head that lasts for hours—the perfect blank canvas for a creative garnish. Gaining that extra time to spend on an enticing cocktail appearance will have your guests across the room asking, "Wow, what is that drink and how can I get one too?"

BROOD's sleek and compact design will also be a beautiful fixture on your back bar. Ditch the clunky-looking espresso machine and sub in BROOD. You’ll maintain a clean look while revving up fast service and streamlining the nitro infusion process.


BROOD goes far beyond coffee—it can infuse any cold brew to create a truly unique cocktail experience. Put your spin on classic, well-loved cocktails like the espresso martini or pornstar martini. Create mouth-watering mocktails for your nonalcoholic menu or appeal to your low ABV drinkers—the options are endless. BROOD provides your business an avenue to menu diversity by offering a uniquely smooth and creamy texture and space for various flavors.

If you're not sure where to start transforming your menu, BROOD is happy to assist. Our team has extensive experience in beverage production and will help see your ideas to fruition via BROOD’s beverage technology. We also have a list of curated recipes, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, to provide a boost of inspiration to get the great ideas flowing.


BROOD’s decadent nitro infusion and enjoyable long-lasting foam head provide a unique mouthfeel that is far smoother and creamier than what one can accomplish with a classic cocktail shaker.

BROOD machines are also inherently vegan. Most cocktails created with a shaker tin require egg whites or milk-based foamer to create froth, but BROOD does all that for you at the turn of a dial. Simply select nitro and pour a frothy, garnish-ready head that lasts for hours. With BROOD, you will ensure no customer or dietary preference is overlooked on your beverage menu.


At BROOD, we set out to create an innovative nitro system that eliminates the need for clunky kegs and helps you focus on what matters most: skyrocketing your business and delighting your guests.

Now, if you’ve ever shaken an egg white cocktail, you know it takes a bit of muscle and time. Shaking each drink one by one also risks potential human error. With BROOD, you’ll decrease manual labor while providing consistent pours across every single drink you serve. The proprietary nitro infusion system allows you to rest easy, knowing your signature drinks will come out with consistent taste and flavor: each pour is as perfect as the last. A consistent product allows for product expansion, multiple margins, and varying glassware.

BROOD offers consistently cold, consistently infused beverages from cup to cup.


BROOD machines can pour five drinks per minute, every minute. Batch multi-step cocktails, like the espresso martini or pornstar martini, to keep pace with the increasing volume of guests demanding your menu selections. Doing so will allow staff to pump out beverages at an increased rate and keep the queue moving while your profits soar.

Batching with BROOD can fit your needs, no matter what they may be. Have your own large-scale recipes? Great! Add your prebatch to any container, connect BROOD, and start pouring. It’s as simple as that.

Traditional ways of batching beverages for high-volume service typically mean each drink must be maintained in its own container or reservoir. Not with BROOD. BROOD machines can pour five drinks per minute, and all five of those drinks can be different. The prep and maintenance of your menu are simplified: have nitro coffee, mocktails, espresso martinis, and more, all sharing the same space without muddling any ingredients or flavors.

For alcoholic drinks, add a shot to your desired glassware, pour, and garnish. For nonalcoholic drinks, pour and garnish. The system will do the work of the ice by instantly chilling the liquid to a frosty 2°C degrees.

BROOD’s nitro infusion system is truly one of a kind featuring
·   No Kegs
·   No Fridge
·   No Gas Cylinders
·   No Installations

Stay On-Trend With BROOD

The beverage industry ebbs and flows in response to current trends and demands in flavor. Just like fashion, these trends are cyclical. It’s vital to your company’s success to stay on the pulse of emerging trends to keep your product and revenue flowing. BROOD can help you get there.


The cocktail scene has exploded over the last decade. Creative ideas are pouring out of establishments across the globe, and BROOD can help you blaze your own trail of innovative new beverage recipes. Stand out from the crowd by offering competitive, high-quality cocktails at a high-speed and consistent rate that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Espresso Martini: The espresso martini came to life in the 80s and has seen a resurgence in the 2020s cocktail scene. This rich coffee-flavored cocktail makes headlines across global food and beverage magazines and is a sure-fire staple on even the most curated beverage menus. Create an ice-cold espresso martini in seconds with BROOD—no cocktail shaker needed:

Step 1: connect your espresso cold brew pre-mix to BROOD
Step 2: (optional) add 1oz of vodka to a martini glass
Step 3: turn the BROOD dial to nitro and pour
Step 4: top with your favorite garnish such as dark chocolate shavings or a trio of coffee beans

Pornstar Martini: If this cocktail name doesn’t draw someone to attention, we’re not sure what will. Pornstar martinis contain delectable fruity ingredients that are sought after and translatable into a mocktail offering. Vanilla, passion fruit, lime, and sparkling wine (or soda for the mocktail crowd) are ingredients that will please the masses and offer space to create show stopping garnishes. Eliminate the cocktail shaker and make yours in seconds with BROOD:

Step 1: connect your Pornstar Martini pre-mix to BROOD
Step 2: add 1oz of vanilla-flavored vodka and 0.5oz of fruit liqueur to a martini glass
Step 3: turn the BROOD dial to nitro and pour
Step 4: top with an eye-catching garnish, like a charred orange slice


Mocktails are a welcomed trend in the beverage industry. If you own a bar, offering a mocktail on your menu is a smart and easy way to be inclusive of the various guests you have the privilege to serve. Pairing mocktail options with vegan options via BROOD, your menu will feel like a glowing welcome sign to everyone, regardless of dietary preferences.  

The craft cocktail scene is blowing up full force, which means people are growing accustomed to these elevated flavors. BROOD can help transform your business by creating innovative offerings beyond traditional "zero proof" drinks. Create a playful spin on your coffee shop's menu or add flavor-packed mocktails to your non-alcoholic event space. These menu creations allow you to charge more for the specially curated flavors while meeting your guests' needs for a unique beverage experience.

Nitro Cold Brew

Alongside craft cocktails skyrocketing into popularity, so has nitro cold brew. Why? It provides a less bitter, creamier flavor and a smoother texture. Nitro-infused coffee allows the coffee to maintain these delectably enhanced flavors for an extended period. Provide this in-demand brew on-demand with BROOD.


Who doesn’t love brunch? Brunch can mean different things to people: bottomless mimosas and eggs benedict at a trendy restaurant or a quiet coffee and handmade pastry at a local café. With BROOD, you can appeal to every type of brunch lover.

With BROOD’s dual-tap DRNX DUO machine, you can pour espresso martinis on one side and nitro cold brew on the other. Appeal to the boozy brunch lover and the quiet café goer all at the same time.

The beverage industry continues to evolve along with the tastes and preferences of every guest we serve. Meet these changing needs while simultaneously easing up on the manual labor exerted by your staff. Eliminate the stress of behind-the-scenes beverage preparation and shift your focus on what matters most: the guest. Wow them with a long-lasting cascade of micro bubbles, ice-cold pours, and fast yet high-quality service in every cup.

Ready to ditch the cocktail shaker for good? Let’s get started.