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Changing the Game One Pour at a Time!

The most exciting thing about the coffee industry is the community. With every inspiration and creation this industry has seen, it all goes down to the people immersed in it. Not any one person can ever take credit for an innovative new product, or wonderful new brewing methods - because in reality it is all a culmination of inspirations along the way.

Now when it comes to nitro coffee, we can make an exception because the change in the industry does partly skew towards the innovations BROOD keeps coming up with.

When nitro cold brew first became a thing, everyone went towards converting a standard beer kegerator, make some minor adjustments, and start serving. But like Apple proved time and time again, software and hardware have to be compatible and built with both in mind.

This is why we never converted a beer kegerator, or dispensed through a whipping cream canister. This is why we went out and hired the best in the industry, this is why it's taken us 3 years to launch the most advanced Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Tea dispenser on the planet.

We understand people improve the industry, so we decided to give these people the best tools in the industry to inspire progress.


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