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Do's & Don'ts for the Best Nitro Cold Brew


- Keep the machine upright, especially if there is water or liquid in the system. - Use the nitro adjustment knob to calibrate your nitro cold brew.

- Make sure you follow the best tips to create the perfect batch of nitro cold brew.

- Flush your Nitro Master with water every 24 hours, and use a standard espresso cleaner once a week. Put one scoop of the cleaner in your 5L canister and flush.

- Clean your preventative clogging filter once a month, or more often if you will be - dispensing tea/cascara. - Always experiment with different cups, pour techniques, and recipes!


- Do not use cold brew coffee that has not been filtered to less than 50 microns. Any more than that and you will have your lovely coffee particles running through the machine and eventually clog the fittings. - Do not put any sugar, juice, milk, syrup, or high sugar content liquid into the 5L canister. Remember, the effect/taste is a lot better when you add these ingredients after. - Do not neglect regular cleaning cycles. - Do not tamper with the machine. The components are sensitive and built to last! Any curious people who want to open the machine will void the warranty.

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