Nitro Cold Brew at Home in 5 Minutes

Making nitro cold brew at home may seem like a daunting feat, but with proper preparation, you can achieve your favorite microbubble-laden beverage in five minutes flat. Coffee lovers exist in all corners of the world, drawn in by the alluring smell, rich flavor, and endless recipe opportunities; it creates a morning ritual that kicks off the day with warmth and happiness simply by indulging in the first sip.

Coffee lovers swept up by the beauty of nitro cold brew may wish to add in the unique silky texture to their morning ritual, but the question is: how? Is DIY nitro cold brew possible, or can it only be found in the comforts of a well-equipped coffee shop?

We’re here to tell you that you can indulge in the delights of nitro cold brew from the comfort of your own home, and the exact steps to achieve that first velvety, sweet sip. Let’s check it out.

What Is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro cold brew is a chilled coffee beverage prepared using a cold brew method and nitrogen gas.

The nitrogen gas gives the drink its foamy texture, which provides the traditional cream or milk texture added to standard drip coffee. When nitrogenated, the acidity of the coffee is lowered, reducing its need for extra sweeteners and syrups.

Nitrogenated (or nitrogen-infused) coffee is now a staple in coffee chains across the globe, from the eclectic five-seat coffee shop in your neighborhood to worldwide franchises. Now, you can revel in the popular flavors of nitro coffee at home.

Can You Create Nitro Infused Coffee at Home?

In short, yes! You can create nitro-infused coffee at home. Making your own nitro brew at home is a healthy alternative to your standard drip coffee that often gets loaded up with creamers and sweeteners to achieve the same delectably sweet flavor. All you need to make nitro cold brew at home are a few tools, coffee, and water!

Why Should You Try Homemade Nitro Cold Brew

If you’re a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado, trying your hand at homemade nitro cold brew is a fun new challenge that can level up your daily coffee routine. There are many reasons you should try making your own nitro cold brew at home: it’s not overly complicated, it doesn’t require many tools and ingredients, and it tastes incredible. Not too mention, it can save you on costly take-out coffees that can run upwards of six dollars per cup. Let’s dive in:

1) Nitro Infused Coffee Have a Uniquely Sweet Flavor to It

Nitro cold brew has a sweet, velvety-smooth flavor. The nitrogen infusion creates a unique texture that feels smoother on your palate than traditional coffee. Due to the cold brew and nitrogen-infusion processes, you can easily sip and enjoy the drink "black" without the high acidity levels of an average cup. No more need for cream and sugar!
Even if you choose to add cream and sugar to your nitro cold brew, it will be much less harsh on your digestive system because of the lowered acidity levels.

2) Nitro Cold Brew is Easy to Make

The great thing about making nitro cold brew at home is it saves time and money. It's straightforward to make: add cool water and ground coffee, let it sit, and then strain! That's genuinely all there is to it.
Additionally, if you want the extra layer of nitrogen infusion, tools you may already have at home (such as a whipped cream dispenser) make the process quick and easy. And if you don't already have a whipped cream dispenser, they are not difficult to find, and varying price levels exist for every budget.

3) Fast Serving Time

You can serve up your favorite nitro-infused coffee within minutes. The cold brew process allows you to make a large batch of cold brew concentrate, which means all you have to do is add a bit of water when you're ready to enjoy. Whip up a batch and store it in the fridge! Making nitro cold brew at home reduces waste and saves time, effort, and money.

4) It Appeals to Traditional and Non-Traditional Coffee Fans

Because of nitro cold brew's unique, silky texture, people with varying palates and preferences find themselves drawn to its allure. Those who don't like the bitter flavors of standard coffee tend to enjoy the nitro version because it naturally creates a sweeter taste. And those who do enjoy the traditional bold flavors of coffee will like nitro brew because it's a unique twist on their favorite caffeinated beverage that doesn't completely alter the flavor to a point it's unrecognizable (no offence to the well-loved pumpkin spice lattes of the world)!

What do You Need to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home

The shopping list for making homemade nitro cold brew is relatively short and straightforward. All you need is coarse ground coffee, filtered water, a paper coffee filter, a spoon, a nitro cold brewing machine, an airtight container, and your favorite mug or cup.

Not too difficult, right? We like to think so. Let's take a quick look at each of these components.

Ground Coffee

The opportunities are endless when picking what kind of coffee to use when making nitro cold brew! Utilize your favorite blend but be sure it's ground coarsely. If you buy whole beans, the store you purchase from can adjust its settings to ensure the right consistency (just let them know you’d like them ground for nitro cold brew). Otherwise, plenty of options are ready to go straight from the shelf!

Filtered Water

When preparing cold brew at home, filtered water is the optimal choice because it maximizes flavor and texture. Why? Compared to water poured straight from the faucet, filtered water dilutes any solids that prevent the water from capturing flavor from the ground coffee.

Paper Filter

Similar to the process of making hot brewed coffee, a paper filter is essential for making cold brew because it's how you separate the ground particles from your caffeine-filled liquid!


A spoon is integral in all steps of coffee-making. You'll need a spoon to mix and stir, so be sure to have one handy. Any kind will do!

Nitro Cold Brewing Machine

It can be beneficial to have a one-stop-shop in your kitchen to streamline the process when making nitro cold brew. Nitro infusion machines ensure consistent quality every time and typically add further efficiency. With new advancements in beverage technology, there are even options that combine cold brew dispensing and nitro infusin into one easy-to-use system.

A great example of this is DRNX, a modern nitro-infusion system by BROOD that serves up nitro cold brew and still (non-nitrogenated) options in one compact machine.


Having a mug or cup to enjoy your nitro cold brew may seem obvious, but there's an important distinction to make here. Nitro cold brew is best enjoyed without a straw. When drinking it from a straw, you lose the pleasurable experience of the coffee's rich, foamy head. Whether you opt for a mug or cup, ditch the straw and sip the goodness straight from the cup.


Once your cold brewing process is complete, you'll need a container to brew it and store it in. Make sure it is stable enough to provide security when you're filtering from one container to another, and whichever one you store it in should be airtight. Using airtight containers (such as a glass mason jar with a lid) will allow your cold brew concentrate to remain fresh and flavorful for as long as possible.

Methods to Create Nitro Cold Brew at Home

If you're ready to make nitro cold brew at home, a few different methods are available to you. When opting for drip coffee's healthy alternative (AKA nitro cold brew), you can use a French press, a whipped cream dispenser, or a nitro infusion machine.
Let’s review each option to see what will work best for you:

French Press

A French press may sound fancy to those unfamiliar, but it is reasonably simple to use. It takes a lot of the work out of making DIY nitro cold brew due to how it's engineered.

All you must do is pour coarsely ground coffee grounds into the bottom of the French press, cover the grounds with chilled water, and let it rest for at least twelve hours in a cold, dark environment (your refrigerator works well for this)! Once the time has passed, push the plunger down, and pour over ice.

To infuse it with nitrogen, you will have to use a keg or a whipped cream dispenser.

Manual Nitro Infusion

To manually infuse nitrogen into your cold brew, using a whipped cream dispenser is a more at-home-friendly option than a clunky and costly keg system.

To use a whipped cream dispenser, pour your cold brew coffee into the flask, seal it, charge it with a nitrogen charger, and shake it a few times. You'll start to feel the outside of the dispenser get cold, which means the infusion process is happening successfully. Once that happens, raise your glass to the dispenser at a slight angle, and pour.

Nitro Cold Brew Machine

Using a nitro cold brew machine is the simplest, most efficient way to enjoy nitro coffee because it offers two functions in one compact container. You add in your coarsely ground coffee beans and water and let the machine brew it for you. Once twelve hours have passed, you can pull a lever or tap, and the same device will dispense nitrogenated cold brew. Another bonus is that some of these machines (like BROOD) are compact enough to fit your kitchen countertop perfectly.

How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home

Making nitro cold brew at home is easier than you think, and there are many nitro cold brew recipes for you to explore. Most of the time, the level of difficulty depends on which method you choose. We’ll walk you through different options of how to make nitro coffee so you can select a method that’s right for you:

Traditional Method

When searching for the best way to make nitro cold brew at home, you'll most likely stumble across traditional methods of brewing that involve paper filters. If that option works best for you, follow these steps for cold brew goodness:

1) Add Your Ground Coffee

Take your coarsely ground coffee beans and add them into a large container. For making a decently sized batch, utilize a 60g of coffee to 1L of water ratio.

2) Pour Filtered Water

Once you've added your ground coffee to the container, pour in enough filtered water to cover all the grounds entirely. Then, stir with a spoon to thoroughly saturate the coffee grounds. Once complete, pour the remainder of the water in and stir again.

3) Pour the Water Using a Circular Motion

Pouring the water using a circular motion is the optimal way to brew coffee traditionally, which also applies to the cold brew process. Doing so ensures the grounds are fully covered and well-saturated.

Once you've combined water and coffee, seal the container and let the mixture sit for 12-24 hours.

4) Grab Your Filter

After at least twelve hours has passed, grab your coffee filter and another large container. If you have a fine-mesh strainer, adding your coffee filter on top of it can help with stability and provide an extra layer of filtering.

5) Set Your Filter Over a Support Container

Add your filter(s) to another container and slowly pour your coffee and water mixture to strain and transfer. If you still see particles floating, continue this process or try using multiple coffee filters.

6) Manually Nitro-Infuse Your Coffee

Now that your cold brew is strained and ready to go, it's time to infuse it with nitrogen! Pour the coffee into a whipped cream dispenser, and then seal. Charge it with a nitrogen charger and give the container a good shake for approximately thirty seconds. Once you feel the outside of the dispenser get cold, pull down on the lever to dispense into your mug or cup at an angle.

In a French Press

Another way to make homemade nitro coffee is by utilizing a French press. The French press is a great, simple tool for making standard hot coffee, but it is also helpful in creating your favorite nitro cold brew recipes. Here are the steps to follow to make a delicious nitro cold brew coffee recipe of your choice from the comfort of your own kitchen:

1) Add Your Ground Coffee of Choice to Your French Press

As always, a good ratio to go off of when making nitro brew coffee at home is 60g of coffee to 1L of water. Simply adjust the recipe as needed to fit the size of your French press.

To start, add your coarsely ground coffee to the base of your press.

2) Pour Chilled Water

Next, pour chilled water over the coffee grounds until fully saturated and give it a good stir. Ensure the grounds are well saturated and fully covered.

3) Let It Sit For 12-24 Hours

Place your French press that contains your mixture into the refrigerator. Let it sit there for at least twelve hours.

4) Press It Down

Once the time has passed, take your French press out of the fridge and gently press down on the plunger until it reaches the bottom. Then, pour and transfer the cold brew into an airtight container.

5) Manually Infuse Your Brewed Coffee With Nitrogen

To manually infuse your French-pressed cold brew with nitrogen, pour it into a whipped cream dispenser and charge it with a nitrogen gas charger. Give it a good shake, and once the dispenser starts to feel cold, pour the nitro coffee into a glass or mug at an angle.

BROOD's DRNX Machines

A fun and efficient way to make nitro cold brew beverages at home is by using a nitro cold brew machine. DRNX by BROOD is an excellent option for streamlining this process while saving space on your countertop or in your fridge.

1) Add Your Cold Brew

To start, connect DRNX to your cold brew concentrate of choice. When using DRNX BRW, you can directly add your favorite ground coffee into the machine's reservoir. Again, an excellent ratio to remember is 60g of coffee to 1L of water.

2) Mix it With Cold Water

When using DRNX BRW, pour chilled water over the ground coffee until its fully covered and saturated.

3) Let the Nitro Cold Brew Magic Happen

That's it! The final step is to allow the machine to work its magic: add cold brew, let it sit, and then pour! On BROOD machines, there are two options: one tap dispenses still cold brew, and the other pours nitrogen-infused cold brew. When you're ready to pour, simply turn the dial to make your selection, hold your glass up to the spout at an angle, and watch the cascading magic of nitro micro bubbles pour out. Sip and enjoy!

The Bottomline

Making your own nitro cold brew at home is not an impossible feat. There are several options for brewing and dispensing the luxurious, silky-smooth flavors found in the well-loved coffee variation.
Opt for a sleek and efficient BROOD nitro-infusion machine if you want to skip the steps involved in manual brewing and infusing. Enjoy the magic of nitro cold brew at home!


Can You Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home?

Yes! You can make nitro cold brew at home by using simple tools and a whipped cream dispenser. Or, with a bit of an investment, you can cut out some of the labor and use a machine that makes cold brew and infuses it with nitrogen all in one place.

Is There a Cheaper Way to Make Nitro Coffee at Home?

Making nitro coffee at home does not need to be costly. Using tools such as jars, spoons, filters, and whipped cream dispensers are affordable for many budgets. Additionally, if you opt for a nitro machine, you will reduce the need to buy nitrogen chargers for whipped cream dispensers; these can add up over time, depending on how much coffee you consume.

What Do I Need to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home?

All you need to make cold brew at home is a container (or two), a spoon, coffee filters, a refrigerator, chilled water, and coffee! To infuse your cold brew with nitrogen, you can use a whipped cream dispenser, a keg, or a nitro infusion machine like BROOD.

Nitro Cold Brew at Home in 5 Minutes