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Tips & Tricks for the Best Nitro Cold Brew

Follow these steps to make sure you have the best cup of Nitro Cold Brew coffee served every time.

1. Layer your cold brew. 2. Make sure all the coffee is submerged. 3. Do not stir as the coffee will fall to the bottom and result in an uneven extraction. 4. Make sure you use the coarsest grind setting 5. Use medium to dark roast beans. 6. If using a freshly roasted batch allow for 1 week to de-gas, do not use freshly roasted beans. 7. Experiment within 10-12 hours - not more! This is ideal for a ready to drink cold brew. 8. Water composition, water composition, water composition! The higher the calcium, the creamier the nitro. Look for a calcium content of 50ppm or higher in your water and choose water with a low bicarbonate content – 20ppm or less.

Happy Cold Brewing!


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