Elevate your coffee, cocktail, and cold-brew experience with next-level nitro technology.

You've never tasted a drink like this. Period.

Smooth nitro cold brew coffee invigorates from the very first sip. It's the best start to your day. An afternoon pick-me-up with friends. A blissful moment of relief after a stressful day. That new espresso martini that becomes your café's crowd-pleaser. This is BROOD—an elevated nitro experience.

Innovative nitro drink trends are sweeping the coffee and cocktail industries, and your customers expect you to keep up. BROOD’s expertly engineered cold brew and nitro infusion technology empower you to trail blaze your own trends and set a new industry standard across your business. Whether it's to simplify the cold brew process of steeping ground coffee in cold water for 12-24 hours or creating show stopping cocktails, the BROOD machine is the streamlined, nitro infuser you've been searching for.

Engineered for the perfect pour

Say goodbye to complex piping, kegs, and multiple gas tanks to create nitro infusions. BROOD commercial nitro cold brew machines chill drinks down to a crisp 2 °C, infusing every cup with atmospheric nitrogen to bring you the creamiest, sweetest nitro coffee you've never tasted before—until now.

With over 67% less acidic flavor than hot brewed coffee, nitro cold brew will delight any coffee-lovers palate. And for those looking for a well-crafted libation, BROOD’s engineering innovation ensures nitro-infused cocktails now land in the glass with a consistent, mesmerizing frothy head that’s bound to impress.

Who's pouring with Brood.

Understanding the magic of nitro infusion

Nitro infusion is a liquid revolution and the true magic lies in its velvety texture and alluring appearance. Cascading foam, uniquely silky mouthfeel, and mesmerizing micro bubbles cascading throughout the glass create a beverage experience like none other.

The science behind nitro infusion offers the ability to transform a well-known beverage into something completely new. Coffee, for example, truly shines when infused with nitrogen. Those who add sugar, milk, or cream to their morning cup no longer need to. With transformed flavor, the beauty of the beverage shines and can be enjoyed without any additional layers.

Explore our custom #drinkbrood recipes below.

With years of experience in cold brew coffee, tea, oolong, matcha, yerba mate, herbal blends, and cascaras, our team experts are well-equipped to guide you through menu development. We’ve meticulously curated an online catalog packed with cold brew coffee recipes and cold brew cocktail recipes for you to explore. We can help you best utilize our machines to serve the cold coffee offerings of your dreams and take your business to the next level.

Endless opportunities

Nitrogen infusion isn’t solely reserved for coffee. BROOD nitro machines can infuse any liquid into a luxurious nitro cold brew beverage. Coffee, juice, tea, cocktails—the list goes on. If you can drink it, BROOD can infuse it.

Typically involving complex equipment and maintenance, infusing drinks with nitrogen is multifaceted. BROOD disrupts those nitro infusion norms by removing the monotonous labor from nitro-infused beverage making.

Now you can amplify your menu, serve at super speed, and rest easy knowing your drinks will come out perfectly consistent at every pull of the tap.

No need for fridges

BROOD's creative engineering refrigerates liquid for weeks on end, and flash chills each serving to a refreshing 2°C. Gone are the days of treating your back counter like a jigsaw puzzle to figure out where bulky cooling systems fit. With a sleek, compact design less than 10 inches wide, the machines can sit directly on your counter or tucked below for increased space and organization.

Unlimited nitrogen On-Demand

BROOD coffee machines draw from atmospheric nitrogen creating an unlimited supply. What does this mean for you? Absolutely zero refills, ever—you’ll always have cold brew on tap. Forget dealing with unreliable out-of-stock distributors and multiple gas tanks that take up precious space in your operations. With BROOD, the hassle of bulky equipment and costly consumables disappears completely.

Easy setup

BROOD is ready to serve up any drink imaginable from the moment you take it out of the box. Simply batch your ingredients, pour the batch into a container of your choice, and connect BROOD. Turn a dial to select still or nitro and start pouring to watch the nitro magic flow.

With BROOD, making cold brew is easier than ever before. Add in a 1:5 proportion of coffee to water, let it steep, and you can start serving directly out of the same container you brewed in.

Plug and play in 2 minutes or less—setup time goes by in a flash.

BROOD by the numbers

5 Drinks poured per minute
10 Drinks per minute when using DRNX DUO cold brew system
3 Ground-breaking machines providing streamlined service solutions
2,150+ Inspired clients 1.6 million perfectly consistent poured drinks

And the numbers continue to climb with every pour.