Tripling sales and expanding exposure at a full-service, wholesale coffee roaster.
Key Metrics

20,000+ Cold Brew Drinks Served
21+ New Locations Serving Caffe Umbria Products
3x / 300% Increase in Sales

Performance Objectives

Caffe Umbria, a USA-based wholesale coffee roaster with Italian origins, created a cold brew concentrate that's seen an 80% YOY growth. To continue growth and expansion, the brand sought a solution to land their well-loved concentrate in more establishments—beyond their coffee shops.

The Challenge

Caffe Umbria is a well-known name in the coffee industry, focusing on traditional Italian roasting methods. Their coffee pours in hundreds of fine dining restaurants and coffee shops. The high-quality purveyors of specialty coffee also partner with well-known brands and 5-star hotels such as the famed Culinary Institute of America in Napa and the Bellagio Hotel and Resort in LasVegas. But to market their cold brew concentrate and increase sales, the brand needed fresh ideas.

The coffee roaster already had a successful product, but without a wholesale-level serving method, it remained stuck within its own walls. The brand needed a vessel to efficiently dispense their concentrate to seek further exposure and bolster their preexisting relationships. They knew their growth could skyrocket by taking the product outside of their coffee shops. The question was how to make it happen?

BROOD delivers precisely what they need—a sleek, cold brew serving vessel with  quick set-up times, allowing the brand to focus on expanded sales and extended partnerships.

Solutions & Results

The BROOD team helped Caffe Umbria develop an entirely new menu revolving around their nitro cold brew program. With intelligently curated garnishes, glassware, and pricing, the coffee company met industry trends and exceeded customer demands while creating heightened exposure across hotel lobbies and bar counters.

Caffe Umbria's partnership with BROOD tripled their sales by landing over 21 new locales. Each new location serves out of a Caffe Umbria branded BROOD machine, further expanding their reach as each customer sees it. Cheers to 20,000 BROOD cold brew beverages served and counting.