Increasing productivity in small spaces for a trendy NYC coffee chain making a big impact.
Key Metrics

12+ BROOD Machines Installed
40,000+ Drinks Served

Performance Objective

Think Coffee is a hip, NYC coffee chain that offers high-quality cold brews and donations to farm communities. Every time a cup of Think Coffee is poured, customers know they're making a difference. The brand sought compact serving solutions to match tight NYC locations to meet nitro demand.

The Challenge

Think Coffee's goal to increase sales and curate an efficient nitro menu not only meant good things for their bottom line but also the world around them. Every brew they sell funds a project benefiting farm communities. The trendy NYC coffee chain needed to find a creative solution that fit their needs to scale their nitro business.

First, the brand produces top-notch cold brew, but they needed an alternative to standard kegerators to integrate nitrogen infusions into their menu options. All beverage operators who've used keg systems know how high-maintenance and space-consuming they can be. In many of their NYC locations, kegs were not realistic.

Think Coffee needed to ditch their keg system, scale their nitro menu, and have consistency across every location—especially in spots with minimal square footage. BROOD is the only product in the market that checks every box.

Solution & Results

Every BROOD machine takes up minimal counter space, weighs under 80 pounds, and does not require messy lines or bulky add-ons. These one-of-a-kind attributes make it a perfect solution for company's lacking square footage, such as Think Coffee.

By implementing BROOD products across 12 coffee shops and office partnerships, Think Coffee could quickly train staff while ensuring consistency across various locations. Within hours of initial installation, each site served the brand's shelf-stable cold brew with ease, resulting in over 40,000 poured drinks.

Brood's compact size aligned perfectly with the compact shapes of NYC real estate.

Just like Think Coffee makes a big difference while serving from small spaces, BROOD offers low-footprint, sleek, and highly efficient nitro machinery that opens new pathways for beverage brands to scale their menus and boost their bottom line, no matter their size.