Accelerating growth and pour time at a global coffee supply chain.
Key Metrics

50+ BROOD Machines Installed
100,000+ Drinks Served

Performance Objective

Westrock Coffee has an impressive reputation as a producer of one of the best shelf-stable cold brews in the United States. Based in Arkansas, their vertically integrated supply chain company sources, mills, exports, and roasts coffee blends from across the globe and sells them to renowned retailers throughout the U.S. and in their retail stores. Looking to expand the business and build new partnerships, Westrock Coffee set out to find an innovative serving solution to match their industry-shaking cold brew.

The Challenge

Westrock Coffee landed a partnership with Omni Hotels in Las Vegas. This exciting opportunity meant they had a new platform to increase sales and exposure for their innovative cold brew products. Along with this excitement also came a challenge: the only method they had for dispensing their coffee goods was through traditional kegerator systems, but not all Omni locations had the square footage necessary for the elaborate keg installations. They needed to find a more thoughtful way to serve.

In addition to the logistics of space and installation, it was critical that their serving system be easily trained and implemented because 50 locations needed togo live simultaneously.

The simple plug-and-play installation of BROOD, requiring minimal training or setup, was the apparent answer to Westrock's logistical challenges.

Solution & Results

Westrock installed BROOD machines across the 50 locations effortlessly. Each site could efficiently train, execute, and serve Westrock's nitro and cold brew beverages within hours.

Through Westrock's partnership with BROOD, the company also stumbled upon a bonus that surpassed its initial goal of easy implementation.

With the discovery of BROOD's systems, Westrock could also expand its catering services. With the compact size of BROOD, paired with their shelf-stable bag-in-a-box, the brand's coffee and cold brew could make their way into offices and event spaces with ease.

Faster than they could've imagined, Westrock's growth produced 50 new installs, increased sales, and over 100,000 pours—and the creative expansion continues.


"They (Omni Hotels) are loving the first round of these machines we put in. On another note, I'm going to be providing your contact info to a growing drive-through coffee chain called 7 Brew. They loved your machine too!"
–Justin Eldridge | Director of Hospitality at Westrock Coffee Company